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Fancy Travelling around China? Or nothing else better to do during summer vacation, why not learn Mandarin?

Mandarin is the common language in China, there are regions where people speaks another dialect but Mandarin remains common in the whole of China.

Travellers who are interest in learning Mandarin during summer vacation is gaining popularity in Singapore, we have students from all around the world came in for 3 months short course.

Below is the guide and outline of the courses that we are offering.


Specially designed a one-day intensive course for the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, enable students to have a preliminary understanding of Han Yu Pin Yin. To prepare the students in the following up training and speaking with ease. At the same time begin to study the day-to-day vocabulary and dialogue.


Study commonly-used phrases. Such as ask for directions, shopping, weather, filming, television, sports, news, etc.


Catering for the different needs of the students to choose relevant topics, such as business, tourism, visiting relatives and other respects for teaching.


Based on the previous foundation to conduct an in-depth study of more complex and broader range dialogues, Chinese customs and culture, history and geography

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