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For Children  

Fear That Your Children Might Lose Interest Learning Mandarin That might Sabotage Their Ability Coping With The Growing Global Language.

Besides, this is a very good article of why children should startlearning mandarin when they are young.
Most of the children often does not aware of what's important for their learning progress especially when they are young. That is when parents come into play to educate their children to know and to learn what's important to their capability.There are children simply love the language but some does not, however, the role of being a Mandain Teacher can assist to cultivate the interest and passion for the language is critical.  
  kids mandarin lesson

"There is a reason why it is important to hire a good Mandarin teacher who can foster and groom the interest of your child in learning the Mandarin language."

How To Select A Mandarin Teacher For Your Children?

Loves Children, responsible, inspire and foster children to learn Mandarin.

Gives constructive feedback is one of the most important part of our teaching.

Able to identify the different learning abilities. Based on their observation, the teacher utilizes different methods to cultivate the children' interest.
 To make sure the lesson is conducted in a Fun and Effective way.

Below is the guide and outline of the courses that we are offering based on age and level.

For kids (Under 12)


Basic for Han Yu Pin Yin, simple character word and the writing order of strokes, listening to kids' songs and stories.


Han Yu Pin Yin, day-to-day vocabulary, listening and telling short story, writing of simple words characters.


Continue to study the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, daily vocabulary, improving ability in listening, speaking and writing.


Study the use of Han Yu Pin Yin, enriching day-to-day vocabulary, able to read and write simple sentences from an illustration.


ForTeen (Age 12-18)


Intensive tutorial tailored for students who have no foundations, stressing on learning Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, simple vocabulary and short articles.


The course will be focused on basic vocabulary, learning to read, comprehend, and begin day-to-day listening, speaking, reading and writing training.


Consolidate basic knowledge, improve reading and comprehension. Continue to strengthen listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.


In depth study of vocabulary and idioms, reading, understanding of more complex articles, writing of narration and correspondence.

For Exam


Primary 1

To begin from scratch, learning and mastering the basic knowledge of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet's consonant, vowel, four tones, as well as simple characters and words, writing strokes, simple sentences and short passages.

Primary 2-4

Continue to consolidate the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet; at the same time, begin to study more on vocabulary, essay reading and understanding, as well as essay writing from illustrations.



Primary 5-6

In addition to expansion of vocabulary, students will also begin to study idioms. Continue to improve the reading and understanding skill, studying more complex article, thesis writing and essay completion. In order to tie with the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), there will be an addition of comprehensive and integrated training with the aim of strengthening listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Secondary 1 - 2

Learn more vocabulary and idioms, reading and understanding longer and more sophisticated passages. Learn to write complex narration of people and daily life, private and official letters of correspondence.

Secondary 3 - 4

Continue to consolidate and enhance student's knowledge, reinforce and strengthen the ability of reading comprehension, learning to write argumentative essays like newspaper article critiques. Strengthening skills in writing comprehension and composition, as well as hearing comprehension to prepare for the N-Level and O-Level Examinations.

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