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Ready For A Business Venture To Asian Country Especially China?

This programme is specially designed for businessmen, executives and senior management in various lines of business. It is also suitable for native speaker who is not proficient in Mandarin for business purposes.

Mandarin can be a very powerful tool when it comes to decision making and negotiation. By understanding the language and with the right selections of words. You can have better control of a situation, Miscommunication can lead to a disaster especially dealing in a business.

Here's an article about how Mandarin can help to increase executive who desperately seeking for job opportunity.

Below is the guide and outline of the courses that we are offering.

Our Business Mandarin Program consists of 2 modules:

Business Mandarin I
Business Mandarin II

To help students build a strong foundation in the grammar of the language, widen their vocabulary and help you to understand Chinese Business and social etiquette. It will introduce them to, and give them practise on, important structures in business Mandarin. Upon completion of the course, students will be more comfortable and confident of their ability to communicate effectively in the Chinese business environment.

Students are encouraged to attend both modules I & II.

Some of the topics covered are:

Essential grammar vocabulary relevant to the business environment

On the telephone

Meetings and Negotiations
Interating with colleagues and superiors
Socialising with business contacts
Emails and letters

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