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Does This Sound Familiar To You?

"It's looks rather sophisticated to me, so It looks difficult to me "


learn mandarin sg

"I am overwhelm with the courses I took but to no avail...."

"Forming sentences is just too difficult."

"Pronounciation is a pain"

"I read books but not knowing how to pronouns properly."

"It took me so long to learn one word....."

This is what we learned from our students......you're not alone.

This is always the hot discussion amongMandarin students. The language is not as hard as people would think. The grammar is about as complex as in English, but the vocabulary takes more effort to learn, since it is not related at all to the English vocabulary, but with the help and guidance of a good tutor will help you grow exponentially! Perhaps you'll be able to deliver a speech like Australia PM Kevin Rudd or speak like Natalie (Video Below) one day!

It's amazing to see how our students progress, I hope you'll be inspired too!

Below is the guide and outline of the courses that we are offering.

Elementary I & II

This program provides students with a basic understanding of the Mandarin language. Studentss will be taught Chinese phonetics, how to distinguish and apply different tones in the Mandarin language, acquire basic vocabulary and use simple sentences to communicate. It focuses on daily conversational phrases that are commonly used or heard.

Intermediate I & II and Advanced I & II

This program enable students to be more fluent in daily practical situations and to be more effective in dialogue, expressing opinions and communicating in different situations. Participants will also be taught how to read and write Chinese Characters.

The courses are in an easy relaxed setting and are kept small.


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